Chef's Page

Japanese Style Madai Aburi W/Sesame Sauce 1200

Sauteed Fresh Button Mushroom W/Butter Sauce 600

JP Tuna and Tomato Jelly
W/Herb & Musterd Sauce 1200

Assorted Starter (3 Kinds) 1500

(JP Tuna and Tomato Jelly, Soft Shell Crab Karage & Hamachi Sushi W/Jalapeno)

Special Sushi 1000

(Includes Jp Akami, Salmon & Scallop)

Japanese Style Fish Carpaccio 1500

(Includes Jp Pickle, Chili & Sesame oil)

Gindara (Black Cod) Sykhiyo Miso Yaki1700

Grilled Salmon Roll W/ Hot Sauce 1600

(Includes Salmon, Avocado, Gobo Pickle, Miyoga, Ovaleaf & Wasabi Mayonnaise)

Sauteed Fresh Button Mushroom & Scallop W/Herb Sauce 600

(Includes Baguette)

Baked Lamb Miso Risotto1800

Wagyu Niku Udon2300

Wagyu Sukiyaki (1 person)2300