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Our kitchen is led by Chef Masayuki Nakajimaya from Hokkaido, Japan and has been with the restaurant since we started in 2010. Trained in Tokyo, he further honed his craft in France & Germany.

The idea of Izumi was born on a golf course between good friends Sadat Medhi and Ali Arsalan - during the approach shot of the tricky par 4 at the Kurmitola Golf Club Dhaka. The very next day Sadat's childhood friend Romo joined the two for a short visit to the site and it was decided within a matter of minutes to try the challenge of opening a high-end Japanese restaurant. Sadat quit his job at Denim factory to involve himself full-time in the project and aside from managing the day to day operations of Izumi, is now an extremely knowledageable baker and chef. Sadat and Romo's friend Rezwan joined the team soon after the idea was borne and by a stroke of luck, the 4 met Michael Allan who, through his previous ownership of a small restaurant in Tokyo, provided the knowledge necessary to obtain the best raw materials and a talented chef and team of consultants. Izumi is a project borne out of love and passion.